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2006 is the time I really started taking pictures with my phone, I bought my first smartphone, the Nokia 6680, and started posting on Coquill via Shozu's FTP publishing service, even from China. The Cellpix serie is interesting as it all started as a regular souvenir photo album. Year after year, as camphone became better and better, the result started to be as good as the ones done with a reflex camera... This is when I slowly got my style in street and portrait photography. And in the same time, another style was created, the one you can see now all around you... the mobile style...

Prisco et Romina

BBQ Chez Patrick

Moto Remco

Ben @ Paleo Festival

the Dudes

Nano & Silvia

Champion du monde




Goutte 1er août

Remco & Bubu

Anni Bubu

le Suisse

Patrice le Borgne



Anni Petri 1

Anni Petri 2

Anni Petri 3

Anni Petri 4

Anni Petri 5

Anni Petri 6

Anni Petri 7

Anni Petri 8

Anni Petri 9

Ping Yao Photo Festival opening ceremony

Photographer Kid