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2007 was the year of the Nokia N73, the first of my N serie, the first phone with a 3M pixel Zeiss lens camera... I upgraded to N93i during the summer, another 3.5MP and the only camphone with a 3x optic zoom ever.

Xmas Lantern

Bubu et le cierge

Massage nocturne

JC FanClub

Place centrale

Mel starac Casbah

Laeticia tattoo

Mont Fort

Fillettaz Prince des Flammes

Les Fiancés du Lac Noir

Un rêve aux 4 Vents

Fashion Bath

Greg & Bubu

Maïko le catcheur

Cilia Laeticia Mélanie

Remco amoureux

Il a enfin eu son café

Night worker

Great Wall

Remco et son carton

Sunset in Beijing

Waiting for Thailand

Sunset Vision

Bike nap

back to Alley Café

Famille Tacchini-Sanchez

Jay & David



Montreux by Night